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Privacy policy

Asian Ruby Select Hotel would like to express our gratitude to everybody who is interested in using the services provided in www.asianrubyselecthotel.com.
In order to serve and satisfy your needs better, we will use your personal information given through this website as well as in other ways to enhance the benefits and services provided to you. The privacy of your personal information is kept strictly confidential as we understand your concern for the security of your information. However, by visiting our website, you are accepting the following practices:

Allowing us to collect your personal information

In using the services from this website, you will be requested to fill in certain personal information, provide user ID and password and/or other necessary information. This information will be stored in our database system and will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Make an online booking through our website.
  • Receive an automatic e-mail confirmation when making a reservation on the Internet, and e-mail replies to inquiries related to a booking you have made for any of our services and products from our reservation sales agents.
  • Receive free PR news and information i.e. public announcements regarding products or services and special promotions. The news and information will be provided to you via e-mail but if you do not wish to receive any news and information, we provide you with the option to unsubscribe.
Accept our security system in protecting your information
  • The information that you provide in the form of documents and electronic data as well as in other process of information transfer will be kept strictly confidential. It will be stored in the database server to protect from any losses, damages, changes and prevent other people from taking advantages of your personal information without permission.
  • Asian Ruby Select has no policy to provide or disclose any personal information of the users to third parties including even name, address, e-mail address, statistics of website usage, and other personal information. Neither will Asian Ruby Select use the information for commercial benefits. An exception will be in case the third person is involved in the transaction or as a service provider for any particular service on the website. Additionally, an exception is made if the disclosure of information is in response to a law enforcement request. For example, personal information will be disclosed in order to halt argumentation with users or for verifying the credit card information.
  • The system operator or the customer service providers under Asian Ruby Select’s contract are not allowed to acquire users’ information for personal benefits. They are required to keep the information confidential as stated in the contract, except for disclosure requested by Asian Ruby Select.
  • Asian Ruby Select permits only Asian Ruby Select’s officers and Siam Commercial Bank’s authorized officers to access users’ information. Anyway, these officers have to be well-trained and have to totally understand the importance of the privacy policy.
  • In case Asian Ruby Select has to disclose users’ personal information, with the reason being one of those mentioned above, Asian Ruby Select will contact the users for permission. However, users have the right to decide whether he/she wants to disclose the information.

* If the users discover the inaccuracy of personal information, please contact the officer immediately.

Links to other websites

The privacy and security policy of this website does not cover the usage of content in websites that are linked to Asian Ruby Select’s website. Therefore, you should follow strictly the rules and regulation of that other website/websites because Asian Ruby Select will not take on any responsibilities for any losses and damages which might occur from using services of other websites.

Changes of Policy

Asian Ruby Select reserves the right to change the policy of keeping users’ information without prior notice. However, if there are any changes to the privacy policy, Asian Ruby Select will inform you via e-mail or other suitable methods to ensure that you are well aware about the changes of the policy.
For more information about this website, please contact Marketing Department, Asian Ruby Select Hotel, at +84 (0) 964-688-699


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You are welcome to browse this site and to reproduce extracts from it, for non-commercial and personal purposes only. The material on this website may not be modified or incorporated in any other works, publications or websites without prior written agreement from Asian Ruby Select.